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We have a wide range of products that help support and improve nutritional conditions.

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BENEPROTEIN® is a food supplement that is a source of high-quality whey protein. More about BENEPROTEIN
Boost logo
BOOST™ Optimum is specifically designed to address changing nutritional needs as you change More about BOOST™ Optimum
Novasource logo
NOVASOURCE® is a nutritional formula for the dietary management of individuals with renal disease. More about NOVASOURCE® Renal
NUTREN Fibre Logo
NUTREN® Fibre is a nutritional formula for the dietary management of malnourished adults. More about NUTREN® Fibre
NUTREN® Junior is a nutritional formula designed for children above 3 y/o at-risk of malnutrition. More about NUTREN® Junior
Oral Impact Logo
ORAL IMPACT® is a nutritionally complete enteral supplement used peri-operatively. More about ORAL IMPACT®
Peptamen logo
PEPTAMEN® is appropriate for those with fat malabsorption requiring a low fat diet. More about PEPTAMEN®