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Your Nutrition Therapy Partner.

Nestlé Health Science, a globally recognized leader in the field of nutritional science, invites you to sign-up to Nestle Health Science Patient Support Program and enjoy the benefits of FREE Nutrition Counselling and Exclusive Perks as we support you in your nutrition therapy.

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Call 8898-0061 or register online at https://nes.tl/nes.tl/NHScPH/Reg or scan this code
Select “Patient Support Program” in the “Where did you hear about us?” section. Select the corresponding prescribed brand under “What is your brand of interest?”

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E-mail the copy of your prescription/Rx to Nestlehealthscience@ph.nestle.com
NOTE: Prescription (Rx) should have the following information: Date, Full Name, Diagnosis and prescribed NHS product/s.


FREE Nutrition Counselling FREE Nutrition Counselling

Enjoy 6 FREE personalized Nutrition Counselling sessions to be availed within 6 months from 1st nutrition counselling.


Enjoy e-discount coupon available nationwide every time you purchase your prescribed Nestle Health Science product in participating drugstores.

Enjoy exclusive discounts in participating drugstores nationwide (Mercury Drug, South Star Drug, Watsons).

BOOST OPTIMUM 800g​ Save ₱250​
BOOST FIBRE 800g​ Save ₱200​
NUTREN® DIABPRO 800g​ Save ₱220​
THICKENUP CLEAR 125g​ Save ₱70​
PEPTAMEN® 400g​ Save ₱150​
PEPTAMEN® AF 500ml​ Save ₱70​
NOVASOURCE RENAL 200ml​ Save ₱25​
ORAL IMPACT® 370g​ Save ₱180​

Note: Present to the cashier the e-discount coupon sent via email. E-discount coupon may be used multiple times within the validity date. Terms and conditions apply.​ Per DOH-FDA-CFRR Permit No. 1903 s. 2023

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Please read fully and carefully before participating in NESTLE HEALTH SCIENCE Patient Support Program. When you enroll, you signify your consent to these terms and conditions:

  1. NESTLE HEALTH SCIENCE Patient Support Program is open to all patients prescribed with Nestle Health Science Products and endorsed by a doctor. Under this Program, patients may avail of nutrition counselling sessions from a registered nutritionist & dietitian (RND), free of charge to be availed within 6 months upon enrollment. Enrolled patients may also enjoy the multi-use e-discount voucher in participating drugstores.
  2. By enrolling to NESTLE HEALTH SCIENCE Patient Support Program, the patient understands that:
    1. he/she needs to provide a copy of his/her doctor's prescription via email
    2. he/she is giving the NESTLE HEALTH SCIENCE Patient Support Program permission to record the nutrition counselling session to aid in accurate note taking and in the improvement of customer service
    3. he/she needs to provide health information relevant to his condition (age, weight, height, medication, relevant lab results like cholesterol, fasting blood sugar, iron levels, pre-albumin/albumin, leptin, CBC, CMP, Total Protein, presence of swelling, frequency of dialysis/chemotherapy) and food log for a personalized nutrition plan.
    4. he/she grants the NESTLE HEALTH SCIENCE Patient Support Program permission to provide to his/her doctor a copy of the Nutrition Counselling Report after every Nutrition Counselling session.
    5. E-vouchers are not convertible to cash.
    6. Patient may opt out anytime by emailing nestlehealthscience@ph.nestle.com.
  3. The information provided to NESTLE HEALTH SCIENCE Patient Support Program is meant to address general nutrition concerns related to the condition specified by the referring doctor as indicated in his prescription. No questions or concerns outside of his diagnosis as indicated in the submitted prescription shall be discussed. For any serious or emergency concerns, please consult your doctor.
  4. The information provided to NESTLE HEALTH SCIENCE Patient Support Program is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, nor for medical diagnosis or treatment.
  5. The RNDs may determine in their sole discretion whether the condition you are consulting is suitable for nutrition counselling and may advise you to seek counselling or treatment from alternative sources.
  6. You have read and agree to the full mechanics of the NESTLE HEALTH SCIENCE Patient Support Program.
  7. You have read and the processing of your personal and sensitive personal information in accordance with the Nestlé Privacy Notice Privacy Notice | Nestlé Philippines (nestle.com.ph)
  8. Promo will run from January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024 as per DOH-FDA-CFRR Permit No. 1903 s. 2023.