dialysis session

It is important at this time NOT to have any reason to get admitted in a hospital.

During this quarantine period, avoid excessive water intake and refrain from adapting a diet that's high in red meat, salt, phosphorus, uric acid and potassium (like fruits and fruit juices). Nutritional supplements specifically designed for patients on dialysis are also available. This is not the time for your Nephrologist to be increasing the frequency of your dialysis that may increase your exposure to any health facility.

Social distancing is a MUST. Avoid unnecessary use of public transport and just do your work at home if possible. Use your phone or connect via online communications to contact your kidney doctors and/or other essential services provider.

* If you have any of the following symptoms: cough, colds, sore throat, fever, diarrhea or generalized body pain and weakness.
* If you're living with or exposed to somebody who has the previously mentioned symptoms.
If you have the above symptoms, DO NOT go to the dialysis unit WITHOUT telling them.
In this time of COVID pandemic, we are all responsible not to spread the disease to anybody, including your dialysis unit staff and your co-dialysis patients.

All dialysis units and their personnel are equipped to handle COVID patients, Patients Under Investigation (PUI) or Patients Under Monitoring (PUM). They just have to be informed if you are one.

Face masks can provide protection not just for you but also to your doctors and co-dialysis patients. Make sure to wear one when going to the dialysis unit especially if you have mild symptoms as mentioned above.

Advise your relatives, caregivers or anybody who stay at home with you to observe distancing if they have symptoms of COVID-19 as mentioned above.

*Severe difficulty of breathing or shortness of breath.
* Increased heart rate
* High-grade fever
* Low blood pressure
* Signs of deterioration or worsening of symptoms.


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Suitable as a sole source of nutrition.

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