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One of the best ways to stay fit and active during this pandemic is to engage in simple exercises. Physical activities help us to feel young and become strong mentally and physically.

Now is the best time to maintain a healthy lifestyle, stay active and make the most out of our time at home through physical activities that will boost our mind and body and even our immune system!

Here are some simple exercises to try at home.

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Thigh Muscle Stretching

(Easy Leg Strength Exercise)

  1. Stand up straight behind a chair (hold on its back for stability)
  2. Take one of your legs up by holding on to your ankle.
  3. Point your knee downward and support your balance by holding onto the chair
  4. Continue holding on to your ankle and count to 10
  5. Once done, do the same with the other leg.
woman exercising

Squat from sitting

(Advanced Leg Strength Exercise)

  1. Sit straight on a chair (place another chair in front of you for support)
  2. Slowly stand up straight from the chair
  3. Sit back down carefully
  4. Repeat 10 times
woman training arms

Arm Flexing w/ Dumbbells

(Easy Arm Strength Exercise)

  1. Sit Straight
  2. Take a hand weight in each hand - if you don't have dumbbells, you can use water bottles.
  3. Relax your arms alongside your body
  4. Turn your palms outward
  5. Lift the hand weights simultaneously (10 reps)
woman figure walking

Figure 8 Walk

(Moderate Cardio Exercise)

  1. Hold 2 water bottles (1 bottle for each hand)
  2. Spread your arms and put the bottles down on the floor
  3. Do a figure 8 walk around the bottles (5 reps)
  4. Take a break and sit on a chair.
  5. Repeat the walk (5 reps)
woman streching neck

Neck Muscle Stretching

(Moderate Flexibility Exercise)

  1. Sit nice and comfortably on a chair (no armrests) in an upright position
  2. Turn your head to one side, hold and count to 10.
  3. Once done, turn your head back to center.
  4. Turn your head once again to the other side and count to 10.

Apart from regular exercise, commit to a balanced diet that includes proteins to help maintain muscle mass and keep you strong, vitamins and minerals to help boost your immune system and prebiotics to support healthy digestive system.


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