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why BOOST?

Find how BOOST™ helps you get the best out of life thanks to its high-quality proteins, vitamins and minerals. Nutrition for healthy active lives!


From 50 we may notice…

We must take care with exposure to free radicals in order to avoid cell ageing.

Women start menopause.

We must look after our diet.

We need to ingest more proteins: men should ingest between 80 and 96 grams per day, and women between 60 and 72 grams.

Our muscles and bones require special maintenance to keep them strong and healthy.


Science shows that special nutrition may help to manage normal/physiological age-related changes. There are new ways the over 50s can approach ageing health and take action to manage normal/physiological age-related changes to help them stay healthy. That is why Nestle Health Science developed the BOOST™ range.

When it comes to staying healthy, it is important to consider that nutritional needs tend to evolve with age. Gradual changes in lifestyle, dietary habits and metabolism often develop.

BOOST™ is a range of nutritional products designed to address needs of older adults. The products suit the lifestyle of active seniors, nutrients the body needs. Each BOOST™ formula consists of one or more nutrients such as dietary fibre, protein, Vitamins and Minerals.

Depending on the country and location, a variety of options are available, including flavoured and neutral powders, ready-to-drink beverages and savoury soups. All BOOST™ products are developed for the needs of active adults who do not want to slow down.


Nutritional formula specifically designed with proteins, probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins and minerals to address changing nutritional needs as you age.